Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Official Uniform of Paraguay

Because of the preponderance of armed guards protecting government buildings, banks, apartment buildings, museums, businesses, schools, and just about anything in between you might think that the official uniform of Paraguay consists of black army boots, tan pants, belt with sidearm and spare ammo, long sleeve button down tan shirt, black hat, and, depending on what is being guarded, a machine gun. However, this is not the official uniform of Paraguay. The official uniform is, in fact, quite different.

The official uniform consists of toe-wedge flip-flops, shorts to the knees (preferably blue but any color will do), soccer jersey (either a favorite club team or national team), a guampa (thermos) filled with water, a cup filled with herbs, and metal straw (all for the purpose of drinking tereré--a Paraguayan tea). Obviously, men don the uniform 99% of the time; however, women, on occassion, have been known to partake.

The uniform is suitable for all ages, from six to 60, from nine to 99. If one is ever in doubt as to what to wear, there is nothing more reliable than the official uniform of Paraguay.

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